Qualified Mortgage Rule-Affordable Payments

At a high level home buyers and real estate agents may notice more paperwork this year in your loan packages and possibly some longer close times. QM ( Qualified Mortgage ) took effect on January 10th of this year 2014. The idea was to make sure clients weren’t being overcharged for fees and to ensure […]

3 Things NOT To Do While Your Mortgage Loan Is Being Processed

The toughest part of getting a mortgage today is documenting funds in checking/savings/retirement accounts. New Fannie and Freddie Mac guidelines REQUIRE we verify ALL NON PAYROLL DEPOSITS. What does this mean to you? DO NOT take or deposit ANY money from anyone other than your normal payroll deposits without calling your loan officer first. ALWAYS […]

What Is Proof Of Funds When Talking Real Estate Around Atlanta?

Real Estate is part of the Atlanta Landscape and here is a bit of information on the topic “Proof Of Funds, when buying Real Estate around town. One of the toughest elements of underwriting today, is “proof of funds” and/or sourcing deposits. So what is “proof of funds”? Underwriters and guidelines require that money/funds used […]

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