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Well, at time of post, it is still very cold outside and we are in March. Temperatures should be climbing as we get through the month of March, but Atlanta Georgia is having record breaking low temperatures. At time of post, 3/4/14, the low was 33 and the high is only expected to be 47. There is always the USDA Plant Zone Map Georgia to show the expected temperatures for an area, but this year has been very unique around Atlanta.
Plant Zone Map Georgia
Today I am interested about when the experts predict that the last frost will come and go. When will Spring REALLY Arrive and STAY! This is when I am ready to invest in tender annuals and perineals from our local nurserys. I personally do not have the time and am not interested in covering plants to protect them from frost. I would rather get it right and save money and time and being a past Master Gardener, I know how stress can weaken a plant and then in turn have issues with insects and deseases.

Below are some great Garden resources online to learn so much about Landscaping. These are our local Atlanta and North Atlanta City recourses and groups you can join if you are wanting to get more involved with other garden and plant lovers.

Great Resources For Local GA Garden Sites:

Walter Reeves Atlanta Garden Expert

Publications Page For Resources By UGA

More About Groups To Join / Master Garden Programs

Check Out By Zip Code Your Hardiness Zone On The Map

To summerize, and after reading through several articles online, it is my understanding that we should not be surprised when a late frost this spring comes are way due to the Polar Vortex. I even heard yesterday that the end of the Month is still questionable for a no freeze zone. Walter Reeves states “Using 32 degrees as the reference point, the most likely date for a last frost is March 27”.

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